Customer Service

8 06 2011

Above is a picture of the Sportsstuff Paparazzi  3 Person Tube Model 53-2150. It is a great tube! However, our tube cover literally disintegrated after just a few weeks in the sun last year. That just sucks considering the list price is over $400 plus shipping. I called Sportsstuff and was told they went bankrupt and would not warranty the tube.

More often than not this is when a blog will start to bitch about poor customer service and crappy quality.  Read on and prepare for a divergence from the norm.

So I packed it away last year disappointed and put it out of my mind.  A few weeks ago I pulled it out and decided to call and see if I could just buy the cover.  It turns out that the company who bought up Sportsstuff assets is called Qwiktek. They also manufacturer Airhead products.   I talked to a great lady named Amber.  I told Amber my story and she immediately told me she would replace my cover – for free!   I was shocked.   Amber said it was the right thing to do.  It turns out Airhead manufactures the tubes at their own plant using the highest quality materials.  I sent Amber my information with a few pictures and about 8 days later a brand new cover showed up!

Whoo hoo!

Now it was time to assemble the new tube. 15 minutes of hard work in 92 degree heat later I had the tube assembled and the compressor filling it. Then I noticed that there was leak.  It only took 5 minutes to pull it apart and discover  a rip in the seam.  For two weeks I tried to get Amber on the phone to see how much a new bladder was.  It turns out she was very busy.   When I did get Amber on the phone she said she would just send me a new bladder.  I was shocked!

So chalk one up for the good guys,  they treated me very well and new have a loyal customer forever.  Amber I owe you for going above and beyond. Kudos to your company too for allowing you to do the right thing.